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It's OK to be upset and jealous

Infertility is hard. It’s all consuming. It’s unfair. And when you’re in the thick of it, all you see, all you hear are pregnancy and birth announcements. Everyone seems pregnant. And you would do anything to be pregnant. It’s ok to feel upset or angry or jealous or all of the above about pregnancy announcements. In fact, I’m yet to meet anyone who’s experienced infertility who hasn’t felt at least a little bit sad about a pregnancy announcement.

This week I had a friend call me in tears. She told me ‘yet another friend’ had announced their pregnancy. She’s been trying for years but her friend fell pregnant quickly. So it hit her hard. Listening to her threw me back to before we were pregnant with our son. I still remember so clearly the announcements. I remember every detail of those moments. And truthfully, I often felt sad, angry, upset, and jealous. But also genuinely happy for my friends. A roller coaster of emotions, it was exhausting. And whenever we were in the throes of treatment, one thought would always race through my mind - WHEN WILL IT BE OUR TURN?! If you’ve felt this way, try not to feel guilty. It’s ok to feel upset or sad or jealous or whatever you’re feeling. You’re only human.


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