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I had a fantastic two days at the Wish for a Baby Expo in Sydney, Australia (13 & 14 April).

I loved sharing my IVF and gestational surrogacy story. And I met some incredible people. I really enjoyed chatting to people about their infertility journeys.

The event was packed full of agencies, fertility clinics, treatment centres, therapy practices, support groups and much more. Alongside the exhibition, was a seminar program, presented by world leading consultants, clinicians, lawyers and experts. I was grateful to share my story as part of the seminar program.

I was also fortunate to reunite with Dr Foulk, Tonya and the amazing team @utahfertilitycenter who helped us bring Spencer into the world 💙

For anyone who’s interested in my IVF and surrogacy story, my book ‘This is Infertility’ is available on Amazon and through my publisher @candrpress

Thanks @wishforababy_australia for the opportunity to speak and to meet so many wonderful people. Thanks to everyone who came!

  • Writer's pictureKirsten McLennan

Updated: Apr 18

I loved chatting to Dr. Kela Smith this week from The Hormone Puzzle podcast about my IVF and surrogacy journey.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • My personal surrogacy story and my bond with my surrogate Leigha and her family

  • Insights from my book 'This is Infertility'

  • Valuable resources for those considering IVF and surrogacy

I encourage you to check it out here - Podcast episode #296

  • Writer's pictureKirsten McLennan

As featured in Take a Break magazine, UK.

"My breath caught in my throat as I opened the envelope and pulled out an invitation.

It was to a friend’s baby shower, and it had a little teddy bear holding a balloon on it.

But before I could read the words, my eyes blurred with tears. My husband, Ryan, gently eased the invite from my hands. ‘Don’t worry, our time will come,’ he said, hugging me.

When we’d got married, we’d both been in our early 30s and thought starting a family would be easy. After a year of negative pregnancy tests, we’d gone for investigations. But no one could explain it. Over the next years, desperate to become parents, we’d pinned our hopes on fertility treatment."

Continue to read article here.

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