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Lessons learned through IUI, IVF and surrogacy with Kirsten McLennan author of This is Infertility
Embrace Fertility

Lessons learned through IUI, IVF and surrogacy with Kirsten McLennan author of This is Infertility

Welcome to another fertility expert interview. This episode is with the lovely Kirsten McLennan of Straight Up Infertility. Kirstin shares her six year long journey through IUI, IVF and then surrogacy with us and the lessons she learned. The importance of emotional support through IUI, IVF and surrogacy I always have a good time when I invite people onto The Embrace Fertility Podcast but this interview feels super special as we talked a lot about the importance of emotional support and how it can make such a huge difference while you are long time trying to start or add to your family. Kirsten shares what she wished she had known earlier on her journey and we talk about the fact that no one ever comes to sessions with a fertility counsellor or therapist and says: "This is great but I probably should have waited longer before reaching out and getting support!" Quite the opposite is true with most of my clients saying they wished they had found me sooner. In this episode I shared some mindset shift techniques that you can use to help you on your own journey. You can listen to the podcast version here or on your face podcast platform just search for 'Embrace Fertility'. Meet Kirsten Kirsten shares her and her husband Ryan's six year journey as they navigated against tremendous odds to be parents. Her book 'This Is Infertility' combines the couple's personal experiences with factual insights into fertility treatment and gestational surrogacy. Through her Instagram profile @straight.up.infertility, Kirsten shares her personal experience and insights on infertility, she is an IVF and surrogacy Mum and a strong advocate for infertility awareness. She's also an ambassador for IVF babble and writes and interviews for fertility magazines, blogs and video blogs. Connect with Kirsten Do you have enough support right now? If even a tiny part of you feels like you could do with more emotional support then please do reach out and book a free video call with me to discuss what’s going on with you and to put a plan in place for you for the next few months. At the end of our conversation if it makes sense we can talk about working together. The Embrace Fertility Method I support people through The Embrace Fertility Method, my 12 week mind-body programme with group coaching and run The Shift Package which adds 6 one-to-one therapy sessions to the course. 3 ways to stress less while trying to conceive. If you haven’t done so already please do subscribe and sign up to my mailing list to download ‘3 ways to stress less while trying to conceive.’ Resources Other videos mentioned: How to decide when to start or continue fertility treatment "My fertility specialist wants me to start treatment next cycle but I don’t feel ready." I hear this a lot as a fertility therapist and coach. We can feel so anxious and overwhelmed when a fertility specialist or even our partner is pushing us to take the next step forward with treatment but we don’t feel ready. In this episode I share three different mind-body techniques to allow you to make a decision from a place of confidence rather than fear. I discuss how to decide when you should start or continue fertility treatment be that Clomid, IUI, IVF or ICSI.


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