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Infertility at Christmas

Christmas. It’s one of the hardest times of the year with infertility.

I found everything felt magnified at Christmas. The end of yet another year without a baby. It was tough.

I also found it often painful being surrounded by family and friends, everyone with kids. And I would often get bombarded with awkward and insensitive questions or advice.

If you’re struggling this Christmas, please know your feelings are valid and you’re not alone. Lean on the #ttccommunity to get through it and be kind to yourself.

It's also OK to skip a Christmas party. If you're attending a Christmas party, here’s some tips you may find useful:

✨Set boundaries to suit you

✨If you don’t feel like attending an event, don’t attend. Don’t put pressure on yourself.

✨Set time limits for how long you attend an event

✨Have a solid excuse and end time

✨It’s ok to set boundaries and say no to things

✨If you don’t feel comfortable going, don’t go

✨If you get there and don’t feel comfortable, leave

✨Always put your feelings first and be honest with your partner


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