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IVF Babble Surrogacy Ambassador releases debut book

Thanks to IVF babble for this wonderful article!

Author and IVF Babble Surrogacy Ambassador Kirsten McLennan is proud to share her debut book ‘This is Infertility’ and we couldn’t be more proud!!

Over the last few years, Kirsten has been a constant source of guidance and support, for men and women who have visited for guidance on surrogacy. So, it feels only right that she has written a book about everything she learnt on her own surrogacy journey.

The book is an honest, compelling and inspiring story about the six-year journey of Kirsten and her husband as they navigate against tremendous odds to be parents.

In Kirsten’s own words:

“Infertility can be brutal, raw and often lonely. It’s frequently misunderstood. But for anyone struggling with infertility, you are not alone. There are many of us out there. My story is but one of many.

“I wrote this book to share my personal experience of infertility. I give an honest account about the realities of fertility treatment, the IVF industry in Australia and the United States, and international surrogacy. I share our positive experiences but also our obstacles, disappointments and heartbreak. And ultimately what I learned from it all.”

We are so proud of Kirsten and everything she is doing to highlight the issues surrounding infertility and the options men and women have through surrogacy.

We want to send Kirsten huge congratulations on her debut book and for also winning the C&R Press Non-Fiction Award for 2021.

You can follow Kirsten on Instagram @straight.up.infertility.

Advance Praise

“Kirsten’s journey is a remarkable book… It educates and entertains. It describes the natural reproductive process, the reasons why it failed, and the steps needed to overcome it. It entertains the reader with personal experiences that show the fear, sadness, frustration people go through on their journey to parenthood. I could not put it down until I had read every page.” – Russell A. Foulk, MD, Utah Fertility Center

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